maanantai 15. huhtikuuta 2013

Nyan fucking nyan

I'm totally out of inspiration, so I desperately drew my cat... in shoujo nekomimi style.
Well, at least it's something new~

I'm currently watching over my parent's cat for a week ('cause they flew to Turkey for a week, once again...). The thing is, the old cat doesn't like me nor my cat, so all he does is make fake attacks and hissing... The only moment when he's all quiet is when I bring food to him, but that's about it...
...Mutual disliking...

perjantai 29. maaliskuuta 2013

Game graphics & rndm stff

A couple of weeks ago my friend asked me if I would be interested to join to his quick game project (if you know what 'jams' are, this was 7d jam). Basically I had to design a floor, wall, ceiling and 2 mobs, and I was noted somewhere in the middle of the timeline, so FML I got some pressure on me~
...Not to mention I also got a food poisoning from a sushi restaurant along with my other pal (that damn fish was rotten! ROTTEN I SAY. It smelled fishy from the beginning D;), so the deadline was horrifyingly closing up D:
Meh, the game master had already coded the game before I was done, (I sent it right before dl ended) but after seeing my stuff he wanted to work an extra level... Which looks like THIS.

 Good experience for both of us. For me, I'd say I should think twice before taking part of a project that has already begun (...or at least if it's halfway done~). And I also liked to design scenery, work some seamless stuff~

And my DA page looked pretty dull and gray, so I needed a new ID pic to cheer it up... with it's all grayness gayness.

Hyup hyup~

keskiviikko 6. maaliskuuta 2013

Bloody hell!

Fanart tiem!

An art trade with a friend in DA. Since she has absolutely gorgeous semi-realistic portrait drawing style, I wanted to give my shot to semi-realistic 3D-ish stuff too.
The biggest challenge was to make a normal, Western man.
...I think I didn't ruin it totally...

...And the very first time my pic looks rather 'good' in B&W~

Not that I would continue with this style, but it was rather refreshing... and frustrating also.
The reason why I don't draw fanart, is the detailing, bringing up the main features of a character~  I adore those who are able to draw the same details from different angles, and I have to admit being noticed as an artist via your fanart made me feel 'guilty pleasure'.
...But I don't crave for attention, nor wanna mess my head with memorizing the details of characters, so blargh with that.

I'm going to Chinese class now D;

torstai 21. helmikuuta 2013


Drunk work~
Mainly. One night while I was finishing it, I thought "Oh this is gonna be goooood, fufufufufu~", and apparently had merged all the layers... In the morning, having a lil blurry mood, and feeling DD - disasterous and devastated, "WTF HAVE I DONE?!"

..Damage has been done. Here you go.

I think the original idea came from the MV of Jore Marjaranta's "Haaveet kaatuu" (Pahat Pojat version), where the family and relatives hold the pics of their dearests... or something.

Other stuff... You know, when you read book, and read the details of different characters, imagining them in your head etc. And then there're movies that'll ruin your image of the characters (i.e Harry Potter).
Well, I can proudly say one movie didn't do a thing - "Chocolat". A movie that can be seen at least once a year.
The novel is worth of reading - you can read it without seeing Johnny Depp everywhere, and guess what - the story continues with 2 more books!

Now why did I bring this up? I bought my 2nd Chocolat book a couple of weeks ago, and old memories of Francis Reynaud's appearance made through my head. In book he was described as "having Northern/Nordic people's high cheeks, light eyes and the fingers of pianist" ("Pohjoisen asukkaan--", made me wonder what it would be in English, just to make sure did the author mean he looks like Northern French, or Nordic.)
The behaviour in the book is really fashinating, and a kind most of my OC's also do have, so I want to draw him. Make the man in my head appear into a picture. I've already managed to work his basic look, but more need to be done.

Drawings of the "Man in Black".

torstai 6. joulukuuta 2012

Mr. Isänmaa

Happy birthday, Finland!
95 years of Independence, you... young... thing!

sunnuntai 11. marraskuuta 2012


THE Kalevala thoughts and partial art rant coming up~

So I basically had nothing to do in the All Saints' Day - the stores were closed, everyone were somewhere, I got booze and nothing but some time to kill. Sooo I basically forced myself to have a kekri-marathon, to draw something related to the afterlife of Finnish mythology, and Tuoni was born.
If anyone has been listening to their grandparents fairy tales, or possibly maybe read Kalevala, you know what I'm talking about. Yes, the deity of the Death.
Personally I wouldn't call him 'god', since Finnish mythology (IMO) is mostly based on the nature, spirits and other people. There wasn't any time to think about higher beings, surviving in this cold wilderness, the fights between Karelians and Northern people (who were assumed to be samí people, nowadays?)
Well anyway. There's apparently two deities taking care of the afterlife - Tuoni and Surma. While trying to figure out what kind of person Tuoni is, it was rather mixed - he seemed to be very calm, perhaps greedy ("Tuoni heidät vei", Tuoni took them) and his wife Tuonetar was kind to the dead and fed them and took care of them... And then other source says Tuoni and Tuonetar were really nauseous and maleficent. Perhaps, but I personally (again) think that point comes from the times when Christianity landed to Finland, and Tuonela, the Underworld = Hell, when in Kalevala Tuonela is said to be calm cold place, where dead souls wander silently.
Surma on the other hands was without doubt described as violent, bloody death. Propably a person, who had encountered a bear (or other wild beast), or was murdered bloodly was said to have had encountered Surma. "Surman suuhun", 'to Surma's mouth', is still used nowadays. Surma was also a guard of Tuonelas gates, said to be a large dog with a snake-tail and can turn you into a stone with his gaze. Now, this might also come with nobel Christian Swedes with their knowledge of Greek mythology, since it sounds like Cerberos and Medusa had a kid.

I wasn't really that into bloody gore chainsaw-murderer image, so I drew Tuoni. Trying to catch the partying souls with his dead name scroll the next day.

And here comes the rant part.
Oh how I vowed back then in art high school I wouldn't develope my drawing skills to the level of some sort of 3D-ish, nor trying to get the hold of 'realism'. The teenage blustering! While drawing this I felt really unsatisfied with everything (except the colouring~). The lines were hideous (even though in hs I thought concentrating on the lines is the most important part of my art), the anatomy of his is skinny, petite, cherry boyish body (which really doesn't present my taste of men), same came with the face and the total package was wrong.
All these years, and after forcing myself to create something 'interesting' I couldn't even work something that would've made me happy about of my 'skills'. This is something I don't want to see when I leave the PC. There are elements in other artists' works I envy, and wish to learn, but there will always be 'my touch' in them. I would be in a need of reboot and get the rid of nowadays style, to actually enrich my art by 'copycatting the others'. If you know what I mean~

Well that's about it. I don't know how to get away from this frustrating situation. Having a really long break? (like years or so...) Trying to accept that it is what it is? Is there any way to do that?
...Or, have I finally found a handicapped perfectionist from myself?

perjantai 2. marraskuuta 2012


Since I'm going to graduate the next week or so, I've had now pretty relaxed, easy-going time. Really, time to draw...and stuff. (1st pic is 1h speedpaint~)